National Commission for the
Certification of Crane Operators
Committed to Quality, Integrity, and Fairness in Testing since 1995


How to Recertify

NCCCO certification is valid for five years. Recertification candidates must complete all recertification requirements during the 12 months prior to their certification’s expiration date. This includes:

Operator candidates who can attest to at least 1,000 hours load handling equipment–related experience during their period of certification do not need to take the practical exam to recertify. Load handling equipment–related experience is defined as: operating, maintaining, inspecting, or training on load handling equipment. (Rigger Level I and/or Rigger Level II certificants do not need to take a practical examination for recertification, nor do they need to attest to having 1,000 hours of load handling equipment–related experience. Signalperson certificants must take only a practical exam to recertify; no written exam is required.)

Recertification candidates who need to take the practical exam for any reason, however, must do so before their certification expires. There is no grace period after their certification expires. Candidates whose certification has lapsed must take both the regular written and practical examinations again to be certified again.

Exams for recertification are identical to those taken for initial certification. Recertification candidates may take their written examination(s) up to one year prior to their certification’s date of expiration. Regardless of the date of the examination(s) within that one-year period, the new five-year certification period begins from the date of expiration of the candidate’s initial certification.

NOTE: Candidates who recertify more than 12 months prior to their expiration date will have their new certification period begin immediately, not from the end of their current certification period.

Written exams for recertification are available at regularly scheduled paper/pencil test administrations as well as via computer-based testing. Candidates wishing to recertify should contact the Test Site Coordinator who set up their initial certification. Candidates whose employment circumstances have changed should ask their new employer to schedule a test administration. Candidates may also locate open CCO Written Exam Test Sites and take their recertification exam(s) there.

To apply for pencil/paper exams, complete the online application for paper/pencil tests.

To apply for computer-based exams, complete the online application for computer-based tests.

Candidates may add a new certification at the same time as they take their recertification examinations by taking the required examination(s) for the new certification.